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[December 19, @ 11:58am]
[ mood | hyper ]

ok i was bored of this one so i made a new lj whoreontheflor . yes because i am "WHORE!" to some of my friends (how nice are they?) i will probably keep this around, but i dont know how much ill post, or if i will. im just bored of it. yeah but anyone who has added me back on their friends list was added to my new lj. if you want me not to put you on my new friends list, just comment and let me know, and if you want me to add you to my new lj and i haven't then tell me and i will.


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i <3 marilyn monroe [October 26, @ 4:26pm]
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[October 21, @ 2:44pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

sorry i have not updated, because i got grounded AGAIN. my mom caught me out of the house while i was still grounded. so she gave me 2 more weeks. as for court, we all have to pay $109 and then it goes away in 6 months and supposedly we won't have records. ew, lotsa money, but it's ok. we shouldn't have had to pay so goddamn much, im telling you.
i am so goddamn happy it's fucking scary. they beat the yankees 10 to 3 last night how goddamn embarassing is that for the yankees. you could actually hear "let's go red sox!" in yankee stadium. that was the best part of all of it, besides damon's grand slam. oh i am so happy.
i get off THIS grounding on tuesday hopefully. mom doesn't want to let me off. but she HAS to or i'll go insane.
hmmm what else? lauren called me a whore, tom got and lost a mouse named pippy, mommy got sick but she's better now, julliana wants her lighter back from tom but he won't give it up (although im fairly certain it's MY lighter anyway), and i was laughing in my yearbook picture.
i think that's it.
much love.

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[October 08, @ 12:04pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i got an outfit! julliana hooked me up. whoot. it's just a nice black shirt and black shoes and nice-ish green pants. she also gave me cool black pants but they are not dressy.
yeah, i signed up for the computer at the library at 3, because the last person was at 2:30. at 3 i went up to her and reminded her very politely that she had to give up the computer. "you have to give me a half an hour," she said. "i know, i did," i said. "no, i signed up at 2:30," she said. "and it is now 3," i said. she looked at me blankly for several moments, before finally admitting, wow, that is half an hour. i hate stupid people. taylor makes me laugh in my tummy-wummy ~julliana~ that was my friend julliana who hooked me up and is now reading over my shoulder. she makes me cry.
lauren almost died today because i drew her a picture of my angry tummy. it was a big blob with sharp teeth and bloodshot eyes, because it was hungry. she was laughing so hard she squeaked. it was mucho amusing.
off to my honeymoon....

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friends and loyal lj readers... [October 07, @ 12:21pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

here is the big question(dundundun): What do I wear to court?
last time I walked in and the first thing I see is Bryan, wearing a suit and blindingly pollished black shoes and looking like he was awaiting a sentence to the death penalty, while i, of course, was wearing jeans, sneakers, and a sweater. Both the erins were sort of dressed up as well, but rachel and lauren were both dressed along the lines i was. it was very confusing. so what do i wear? i don't want to look like a fucking scrub next to senor taco again. i felt like such an ass. but seriously, coment and tell me what to wear.
missed the bus again, but luckily this time i did not have to deal with senile secretaties because, of course, i knew where the pay phones were from my previous experience.
ooh lizz is here, fun! :::sarcasm:::
i have made a new journal it's _unfair_ but it is for writing short stories and all that shit so i don't block up your friends page by writing it all on here. see, im so fucking considerate. i want a medal. seriously.
i am doing such a cool water color thing in art class it's pandora's box. you would all be so jealous of my artistic ability. hell yeah. but i didn't get to finish it because julliana kept calling me over to be like "spell this word for me" or "look at dimitri" (who is erika's pumpkin). then we got into a conversation on how stanley thought i died because he saw me walking down the street soaking wet and wearing no shoes and looking lost and then i didn't show up to school the next day. i think he thought i just kept walking. which i almost did. i wanted to. why? because i was just so damn bored.

dont you all just love me for telling you all this crap you don't want to know?

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hello, hearts... [October 04, @ 2:26pm]
[ mood | amused ]

god im spending so much time at the library now they're going to think i've moved in. my teachers are suddenly giving me all this makeup work since progress reports are coming out and i really actually want to do good for once in my damn life. i am actually here to do some wierd thing for science, not just to check my email.
i missed the bus today, because mr. jackson was yellling at me because i wasn't doing my test the way he wanted me too, and then i was apologizing "unnecessarily" and on and on and on. so i had to run downstairs to try to get to the bus and it wasn't there so i yelled "Shit!" and the kid who was walking out behind me says "you missed your bus didn't you?" then laughs and jingles his keys in my face like "haha i can drive and you can't!" i almost called after him "hey will you give me a ride?" but i thought that would be wierd since i had never met the kid in my life. so i went to the office to ask where the payphones were sice i never had to use them before and the woman was senile and had no idea where anything was and finally some kid told me where they were so i called my mom and now i'm here. we picked fred up on the way and gave him a ride. he seemed smellier than usual.
8 days till court...is it wierd that im looking forward to it? hey. you would be too if you had been pent up in a house for god knows how long. this weekend i got to sneak onto aim though. i talked to bryan and erin and lauren except i thought it was another lauren and daizy and my old friend kayla and i think other people. it was awesome cause i haven't got to talk to them in forever because there is no aim on the library computers.
people call me so i can be less bored. my mom usually lets me talk for a little while anyway. 5086437391

much love

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... [September 30, @ 8:47am]
[ mood | blank ]

hmmm my week....


tuesday...first julliana's friend krystal gave me a ride to school except we were like an hour late because she didn't feel like going so we drove around. fyi, dont try ot cash a check at 7 am. it wont happen. going on...came home from school, chilled, thom chased me out of the house with a damn plunger. it was pouring. and i was bare foot. and i had a white shirt on. so i walked to julliana's. she was not home. so i walked to rachel's. she also was not home. so i walked to terra's. she also was not home. i gave up and went home where thom freaked out and said he was only joking and now i must have pneumonia, so he made me sit in the bathroom with the shower on full blast and "steam". then mom called and said i had to get dressed becasue she was taking me to the er and so on and so forth. so i got dressed and mom came nad took me away and i spent the whole night listening to doctors and nurses telling me to breath like i didn't know to do that already and asking me if i might be pregnant. i also missed all my cool shows.

wednesday...mom let me stay home because of course i have pneumonia which i don't really. i slept till 2:30 sleep. sleep good. wow i sound like tarzan. anyway...

today...krystal gave me a ride to school again but i was on time whoot. boring time in school. thom showed up like halfway through. he is now convinced we have whooping cough again which would really suck cause then we would have to be absent for 5 days and i dont even want to think about the makeup work for that. plus those anti-biotics made me hurl. anyway, we have doctor's appointments tomorrow at 9 and 10. so we're getting picked up from school.

let's calculate this...i have been absent 3 times, late 1 time, and dismissed twice as of tomorrow. and september isnt even over yet. wow.


Save My Life?

[September 22, @ 8:07am]
[ mood | confused ]

ok everyone....

im grounded. 20 more days.... because i got arrested. not my fault. not anyone's fault really. i bet that shed's not even worth $5 anyway.

court on the 12th of october.

sorry everybody that i couldn't comment and stuff but it's the first time i've been on the computer in like 3 weeks.

back at school...it sucks. everything sucks. i suck.

going to shoot myself now...

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[September 04, @ 1:22pm]
[ mood | furious ]

i hope that bitch rots in hell.

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[September 04, @ 1:22pm]
Friends Only. Comment to be added.
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[September 03, @ 8:02pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

i hate everyone and everything. julliana's freaking out on me online today and then ten minutes later she doesn't even know what the fuck she's talking about because she's on fucking drugs. and what she was freaking out on me for wasn't even my fault. i told her that she needed to stop following tom and all that because he was getting mad at me now even though IT'S NOT MY FAULT and she's like borderline stalking him. i just feel like everyone's out to get me today and yesterday and im getting punished for everyone else. i feel like nobody gives a shit anymore because they're all wrapped up in their own stuff and they don't even realize they're wrapping me up with them and i have to deal with everyone else's problems. that's how it's always been and probably always will be and i just wish that i could for once have my own life.

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[September 02, @ 3:39pm]
[ mood | angry ]

me and julliana went to daizy's house yesterday and saw him markus and some other kid named mike. we took a whole bunch of pictures and made like 3 or 4 videos on daizy's computer. i'll post some pictures when julliana shows me how ;) they're cool but a lot of the ones daizy sent me are out of focus. damn.

i was gonna watch donnie darko today because everyone tells me its so great but dave had a hissy fit and turned off the movie because i had paused it and didn't even let me explain why it was paused, and it was a perfectly good reason. he was just taking his bad mood out on me because mom wants him to go to maine this weekend without her. really she just suggested he go but he thinks she's trying to get rid of him or something. i dont understand.

well, im starving so im gonna go make myself something to eat.

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[August 31, @ 2:39pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

wow look at what julliana did. isn't she special? that reminds me, she made me a shirt. it says "hi my name is taylor..." on the front and "i'm special..." on the back. the p is backwards and the i is upsidedown in the word "special". isn't she just so nice to me?
the commment links have a reason behind them...i like to throw shoes at people. so i decided id let people throw shoes back at me except over the internet so it wouldn't hurt. see i let you all get your revenge.
it's laundry day so the only clothes i have are the shirt julliana made me and a pair of boxer shorts. i feel like a scrub.
that's all for now.

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